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Rock'N'Roll Radio!

Playlist for 3/9/04

Johnny Kidd & the Pirates
Shakin' All Over
the Complete Johnny Kidd & the Pirates
the Soledad Brothers
Shaky Puddin'
Sypathetic Sounds of Detroit (V/A)
Girl Trouble
Gonna Find a Cave
Sub Pop 200 (V/A)
the Renegades
Strummin' Mental part 1 (V/A)
Dwight Pullen
Sunglasses After Dark
Born Bad vol. 1 (V/A)
Sonny Burgess
We Wanna Boogie
25 Red-Hot Rockabilly Classics (V/A)
the Fuzztones
Yeah Babe
Teen Trash vol. 4
the Novas
Take Seven
Strummin' Mental part 1 (V/A)
Gino Washington
Gino Is a Coward
Out Of This World
the Nelsonics
Dousman Street
It Came From Uranus (V/A)
Sultans 5
You Know You Know
Garage Punk Unknowns vol. 3 (V/A)
Benny Joy
Little Red Book
Crash the Rockabilly Party
Les Sexareenos
My Baby Keeps Me Up All Night
14 Frenzied Shakers
the Fondas
I'm So Glad
Coming Now!
the T-Bones
I'm a Lover Not a Fighter
Sixties Archives vol. 1 (V/A)
the Buzzards
High Class
Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit (V/A)
Carl Perkins
Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
25 Red-Hot Rockabilly Classics (V/A)
the Mummies
Willie the Wild One
Runnin' On Empty vol. 1
the Ramones
California Sun
the MC5
Tutti Frutti
Back in the U.S.A.
Jackie & the Cedrics
Let's Dance
Great 9 Stomps Set
the Street Cleaners
That's Cool, That's Trash
Riot City (V/A)
Luke McDaniel
Huh Babe
25 Red-Hot Rockabilly Classics (V/A)
the Spiders
Gs I Love You (V/A)
the Dirtbombs
Chains of Love
Ultraglide in Black
Wanda Jackson
Fujiyama Mama
Queen of Rockabilly
the Chesterfield Kings
You Rub Me the Wrong Way
Where the Action Is!
the Paniks
You're My Baby
Vile Vinyl vol. 1 (V/A)
the Woggles
Hot Wired
Ragged But Right
the Cobras
Instant Headache
Teenage Shutdown vol. 14 (V/A)
the Trashmen
Tube City
Tube City!
Chuck Berry
His Best, volume 1
the Black Lips
the Von Bondies
Tell Me What You See
Pawn Shoppe Heart
the Wylde Mammoths
Nothing I Can Do
Help That Girl EP
the UnMutuals
Throwing Away Today
It Came From Uranus (V/A)
Knoxville Girls
Soda Pop Girl
Knoxville Girls

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