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Rock'N'Roll Radio!

Playlist for 2/24/04

the Galaxies
This Rock'N'Roll
Automatic Bop vol. 1 (V/A)
Mando Diao
Paralyzed (live)
Paralyzed EP
Wynona Carr
Touch And Go
Savage Kick vol. 4 (V/A)
the Creatures of the Golden Dawn
Just Like That
the Keys to the Kingdom
the Rats
Rats Revenge
Back from the Grave vol. 1 (V/A)
Flat Duo Jets
Flat Duo Jets Anthem
Go Go Harlem Baby
the Cramps
the Crusher
Off the Bone
Don't Start Crying Now
the Story of Them
Dick Dale
Peter Gunn
Greatest Hits 1961-1976
Ray Sharpe with the Curtis Orchestra
Help Me (Get the Feeling) Part 1
At the Club (V/A)
the Emperors
I Want My Woman
Like Nothing Your Ears Have Ever Heard vol. 4 (V/A)
Gene Vincent & his Blue Caps
Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me
the Screaming End
thee Mighty Caesars
Devious Means
Don't Give Any Diner to Henry Chinaski
the Greenhornes
Can't Stand It
the Greenhornes
the Woggles
Flash Flood
Zontar Sessions
the Deadly Snakes
Pirate Cowboy
I'm Not Your Soldier Anymore
Tommy Bell
Swamp Gal
Like Nothing Your Ears Have Ever Heard vol. 4 (V/A)
the Thunder Gods
Lone Star Queen
the Whole Lotta' Shakin' Comp-pile-ation (V/A)
Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White
Loudest Band in Town
Jack Horner & the Plums
Who Do You Love
Northwest Battle of the Bands vol. 2: Knock You Flat! (V/A)
Ramblin' Rose
the Whole Lotta' Shakin' Comp-pile-ation (V/A)
the Gentleman Callers
You Outta Know By Now
It Came From Uranus (V/A)
the Savages
Roses Are Red My Love
Garage Punk Unknowns vol. 1 (V/A)
Jackie & the Cedrics
Great 9 Stomps Set
Gino Washington
Out of This World
Out of This World
the A-Bones
I Was a Teenage Mummy
Compulsive Gamblers
My Love Is a Monster
Bluff City
the Sonics
High Time
Northwest Battle of the Bands vol. 2: Knock You Flat! (V/A)
Hershel Almond
Let's Get It On
Ace Rock'N'Roll (V/A)
Don Covay & the Goodtimers
40 Days-40 Nights
At the Club (V/A)
Randy Alvey & the Green Fuz
Green Fuz
Songs the Cramps Taught Us vol. 2 (V/A)
LTD a Go Go
Play R&B Favorites
Ronnie Self
Big Fool
Columbia Rockabilly vol. 2 (V/A)
the Condors
Don't Want a Girl Who's Been With Jack
demo single
Mondo Topless
Get Ready For Action!
Get Ready For Action
Jack O' Fire
Help Me

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