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Rock'N'Roll Radio!

Playlist for 11/18/03

Gene Maltais
Crazy Baby
That'll Flat Git It! vol. 2 (V/A)
the Mono Men
Another Way
Have a Nice Day, Motherfucker
the Gories
Baby Say Unh!
the Oblivians
Someday You'll Be Loved (live)
Rock'N'Roll Holiday
the Church Keys
Viva Viva Rock and Roll
Guitar Wolf
Jet Generation
Jet Generation
Dwight Douglas & the Jayhawks
Interstate 45
Scum of the Earth vol. 1 (V/A)
the Sultans
(This Ain't No) Solid State
Ghost Ship
It's Us
Don't Want Your Lovin'
Back from the Grave vol. 4 (V/A)
Phi Kappa Nasty
Joke Montage (excerpt-spoken word)
the Greatest
Little Jerry Williams
Wild & Frantic (V/A)
the Imps
Uh Oh
El Primitivo American Rock'N'Roll & Rockabilly (V/A)
the Invasion
Do You Like What You See?
Back from the Grave vol. 4 (V/A)
Dean Carter
Jailhouse Rock
Pebbles vol. 6 (V/A)
the Bobbyteens
Highway of Love
Fast Livin' & Rock'N'Roll
the Electric Prunes
Finders Keepers, Losers Wheepers
the Singles
Cliff Nash & the Rockaways
Tell Me Baby
El Primitivo American Rock'N'Roll & Rockabilly (V/A)
Big Bob
Your Line Was Busy
Wild & Frantic (V/A)
FM Knives
Useless & Modern
the Downliners Sect
Brand New Cadillac
the Rock Sect's In
Travel Agency
Back from the Grave vol. 4 (V/A)
Flat Duo Jets
Baby Won't You Come Out Tonight
Link Wray
Moped Baby
the Blasters
Long White Cadillac
Slash: the Early Sessions (V/A)
Big Sambo & the House Wreckers
At The Party
Whip Some Rock'N'Roll On Me Baby (V/A)
Phi Kappa Nasty
B-Man on Dating (spoken word)
the Greatest
the Chrome Addicts
Jump Back Cat!
Pushing the Norton (V/A)
thee Headcoatees
Davey Crockett
Sisters of Suave
the A-Bones
You Can't Beat It
Groin Thunder! (V/A)
Sonny Burgess
the Classic Recordings: 1956-1959
the Original Sins
Say Darlin'
Groin Thunder! (V/A)
the Action
Hey Sha-Lo-Ney
the Ultimate Action
the Horrors
Swoop Down

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