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Rock'N'Roll Radio!

Playlist for 11/11/03

Ronnie Dawson
Party Town
Just Rockin' & Rollin'
the Oblivians
Jim Cole (live)
Rock'N'Roll Holiday!
Jimmy Takeuchi & the Exciters
Wipe Out
Let's Go! Surfin': Far East Collection (V/A)
the Isley Brothers
Everybody's Gonna Rock'N'Roll
Savage Kick vol. 4 (V/A)
Buddy Love
Heartbreak Hotel
I Dreamed I Was Elvis (V/A)
the Cavaliers
Seven Days of Cryin'
Back from the Grave vol. 4 (V/A)
Benny Joy
Money, Money
Crash the Rockabilly Party
Midnight Shift
Never Gonna Stop Lovin' You
Yeah Yeah Yeah (V/A)
the Flamin' Groovies
the Girl Can't Help It
the Missing Links
Wild About You
Driving You Insane
Commonwealth Jones
Do Do Do
Columbia Rockabilly vol. 1 (V/A)
Phil Flowers
the Dance
Savage Kick vol. 4 (V/A)
the Chocolate Watch Band
In the Midnight Hour
No Way Out
the Hides
Don't Be Difficult
Back from the Grave vol. 4 (V/A)
Johnny Legend
Wild Wild Women
Rockabilly Rumble
You're Driving Me Insane
Yeah Yeah Yeah (V/A)
the Deadly Snakes
I Can't Sleep At Night
Ode to Joy
the Chesterfield Kings
Help You Ann
the Chesterfield Kings/Lyres split 7"
the Pagans
Haven't Got the Time
Shit Street
the Husbands
Nobody But Him
the Flat Duo Jets
Riot in Cell Block No. 9
In Stereo
Beep Beep & the Roadrunners
True Love Knows
Back from the Grave vol. 4 (V/A)
the Woggles
Got a Heat On
Ragged But Right
Johnny Chef
Can't Stop Movin'
Savage Kick vol. 4 (V/A)
the Jessica Fletchers
I Got News
Yeah Yeah Yeah (V/A)
the Dirtbombs
Stuck In Thee Garage
Dangerous Magical Noise
the Minds
Smash, Smash, Smash!
Plastic Girls
Nature's Children
Pebbles vol. 10 (V/A)
Mike Stevens & the Shevells
Go-Go Train
the Horrors
Briar Patch
the Phantom Rats
Red Hot
Shake Shake Shake
the Rio Rockers
Mexicali Baby
a Capitol Rockabilly Party part 2 (V/A)
thee Headcoats
Louie Louie
Elementary Headcoats

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