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Rock'N'Roll Radio!

Playlist for 10/21/03

Land of 1000 Dances
Back from the Grave vol. 4 (V/A)
the Dirtbombs
Start the Party
Dangerous Magical Noise
Groovie Ghoulies
Lookout, Here Comes Tomorrow
Monster Club
the Wailers
Baby Don't You Do It
The Boys from Tacoma: Anthology 1961-1969
Somebody To Love
Psychedelic Sounds In Japan
Les Sexareenos
Mojo Workout
Can You Do the Nose Mustache? 7"
the Yardbirds
Scratch My Back
Where the Action Is
Benny Joy
Rollin' to the Jukebox Rock
Crash the Rockabilly Party
Flat Duo Jets
Southern Drums
Red Tango
the Mod-est Lads
They Stand Straight Up
Trouser Load of Love
Jack Earls
Let's Bop
Hey Slim Let's Bop
the Hentchmen
Surprise, Surprise
the Marauders
Bad Girl
Teenage Shutdown vol. 12 (V/A)
Half Pint & the Fifths
Orphan Boy
Back from the Grave vol. 4 (V/A)
Sammy Masters
Twin Pipes & Pin Stripes (vocal)
This Is Ecco-Fonic! (V/A)
the Bloody Hollies
Dog Fight
Fire At Will
the Grifs
Keep Dreamin'
Back from the Grave vol. 4 (V/A)
the Imps
That'll Get It
El Primitivo American Rock'N'Roll & Rockabilly (V/A)
the Fondas
Wanna Be
Coming Now!
thee Mighty Caesars
Wiley Coyote
Surely They Were the Sons of God
Woo Hoo
Kill Bill vol. 1 soundtrack (V/A)
the Little Killers
Mind of Its Own
the Little Killers
Deke Dickerson
Asphalt Aisle
This Is Ecco-Fonic! (V/A)
the New Bomb Turks
Do The Pop
Pissing Out the Poison
the Church Keys
Work With It!!!
the Sonics
Have Love Will Travel
Here Are the Sonics
Jerry & the Gems
Last Stop
Psychedelic States: New York in the 60s vol. 1 (V/A)
15 (live)
Live from the Roxy vol. 2 (V/A)
the Mummies
One Potato, Two Potato
Runnin' On Empty vol. 1
the Detroit Cobras
Last Nite
Stop Me If You Think That You Have Heard This One Before... (V/A)
Billy "Crash" Caddock
Ah, Poor Little Baby
Whistle Bait! (V/A)
the Geeks
Hey Wreck

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