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Rock'N'Roll Radio!

Playlist for 3/25/03

the Powerknobs
the Testosterone Twist
the Powerknobs
the Muffs
Oh Nina
Blonder & Blonder
Forbidden Pigs
Love Me Tonight
Una Mas Cerveza
the Buzzcocks
Boredom (live)
Live from the Roxy vol. 2 (V/A)
the Bell Rays
You're Sorry Now
Raw Collection
Black Halos
Jane Doe
the Violent Years
the Retroliners
Caught in the Undertow
War of the Surf Guitars! (V/A)
Hully Gully
the MC5
One of the Guys
'66 Breakout!
Tommy Palm
Black Knee Socks
Rock'N'Roll & Rockabilly Inferno (V/A)
All You Got
Sweat-Soaked & Satisfied
Big Ray & the Futuras
Surf Hammer (live)
War of the Surf Guitars! (V/A)
Haunted Head
Screaming at You
a Fistful of Rock'N'Roll vol. 2 (V/A)
Her Blues
In a Fury
Phil Flowers & the Flower Shop
Like a Rolling Stone
the Git Down! (V/A)
the X-Impossibles
White Knuckle Ride
Freddie Montell
Stop and Rock
Rock'N'Roll & Rockabilly Inferno (V/A)
Trick Bag
Stomp! (V/A)
the Krontjong Devils
the Rafter
War of the Surf Guitars! (V/A)
Her Name Was Jane
Link Wray
Run Boy Run
Original Rumble
Miracle Workers
Way Back When
Their Sympathetic Majesties Request (V/A)
the Sonics
Hanky Panky
Maintaining My Cool
the Broom
the Git Down! (V/A)
the Sunnyboys
Happy Man
Do the Pop (V/A)
Don't Ride with Arnold Friend
Square Jungle
New Bomb Turks
American Soul Spiders
Drunk on Cock
the Detroit Cobras
99 & a Half Just Won't Do
Seven Easy Pieces
Streetwalkin' Cheetahs
Tutti Frutti
R.A.F.R. vol. 3 (V/A)
Johnny Fuller
No More, No More
Rock'N'Roll & Rockabilly Inferno (V/A)
Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band
Sugar N Spikes
Grow Fins

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