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Rock'N'Roll Radio!

Playlist for 2/11/03

Worryin' Kind
Wild About You
Yeah Yeah Yeah (V/A)
the Come Ons
I Wanna Be Loved
the Come Ons
the Deadly Snakes
Who Loves Ya, Baby (Not Me)
Love Undone
Andy Wilson
My Love, My Love
Wild & Frantic (V/A)
the MC5
Teenage Lust
the Big Bang: the Best of the MC5
the Preachers
Who Do You Love
Teenage Shutdown vol. 1 (V/A)
the Mighty Four
In Love With You and My Honda
Hot Rod Rumble (V/A)
the Pretty Things
Rainin' In My Heart
the Rhythm & Blues Years
Link Wray & the Wraymen
Oh Babe Be Mine
the Blasters
I Love You So
the Jades
I Ain't Got You
History of Garage & Frat Bands in Memphis 1960-75 (V/A)
the Dirtbombs
Your Love Belongs Under a Rock
Ultraglide in Black
the Sonics
Like No Other Man
Northwest Battle of the Bands vol. 1: Flash and Crash (V/A)
the Flat Duo Jets
Love Is All Around
Lucky Eye
If You & I Could Be As Two
the Story of Them
the Creatures of the Golden Dawn
No One Left To Love
Keys to the Kingdom
the Lyres
Baby ( I Still Need Your Lovin')
Happy Now
the Makers
Explode Your Love
Shout On!/Hip-Notic
the Kaisers
Love Potion Number Nine
Squarehead Stomp!
Billy Lee Riley
Red Hot
Them Rockabilly Cats (V/A)
Miracle Workers
One Step Closer to You
Be a Caveman (V/A)
the Upsetters
I'm In Love Again
Wild & Frantic (V/A)
Time Beings
Why Don't You Love Me
Be a Caveman (V/A)
Patt Cupp & his Flying Saucers
That Girl Of Mine
Them Rockabilly Cats (V/A)
Lavender Hour
I've Got a Way With Girls
Teenage Shutdown vol. 15 (V/A)
Roving Mob
You're the One
Yeah Yeah Yeah (V/A)
Don't Take Your Love Away
Teenage Shutdown vol. 15 (V/A)
the Dukes of Hamburg
Some Folks
Rocket 350
She's Gone
American Grease
the Loved Ones
Falling In Love
the Price For Love
the M-80's
I Think You Love Me
In a Fury
Cato Salsa Experience
I Can Give You Anything
A Good Tip for a Good Time
the Young Fresh Fellows
I Wonder What She's Doin' Tonite
Because We Hate You
Atomic 7
Loving Not Gouging
Gowns by Edith Head

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