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Rock'N'Roll Radio!

Playlist for 12/17/02

the 5,6,7,8's
One Potato
the 5,6,7,8's
the Hi-Fives
You Can (live)
Songs for Cassavettes Soundtrack (V/A)
the Blasters
High School Confidential (live)
the Witnesses
Stole My Room
the Deacons
the Baldie Stomp
Mondo Frat Dance Bash a Go-Go (V/A)
the Bomboras
Swingin' on Pier 13
Head Shrinkin' Fun
the Druids
Jelly Belly
Mondo Frat Dance Bash a Go-Go (V/A)
the Forty Fives
My Kind of Girl
Fight Dirty
Flat Duo Jets
Go Go Harlem Baby
Go Go Harlem Baby
the Bobbyteens
Young & Dumb
Not So Sweet
Jimmy Dee
Your Late, Miss Kate
Wild & Frantic (V/A)
Cato Salsa Experience
So, the Circus is Back in Town
A Good Tip for a Good Time
the Mystery Girls
Children in the Sun
the Mystery Girls
Pete Weiss
Jingle Bells
I'm Dreaming of the Weisstronauts Christmas
the Starfires
Mondo Frat Dance Bash a Go-Go (V/A)
the (International) Noise Conspiracy
Bigger Cages, Longer Chains
New Morning
Ace & the Ragers
Panty Raid
Steal Your Girlfriend

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