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Rock'N'Roll Radio!

Playlist for 4/2/02

the Pagans
Heart of Stone
Shit Street
the Chrome Cranks
Dog Eat Dog
Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
the Rezillos
Mystery Action
Can't Stand the Rezillos
Andre Williams
Nasty Women
Black Godfather
Jerry Lee Lewis
Pumpin' Piano Rock
Best of Jerry Lee Lewis
the Bards
the Owl & the Pussycat
Northwest Battle of the Bands vol. 1: Flash & Crash (V/A)
the Fuzztones
Actions Speak Louder
Friday at the Hideout (V/A)
Huevos Rancheros
Rockin' in the Henhouse
Dig In
the Real Kids
Live at Cantones
the Woggles
Push (live)
Flaming Burnout (V/A)
Elvis Costello
Sneaky Feeling
My Aim Is True
the Delta 72
It's Alright
the Soul of a New Machine
Richard Hell
I Can Only Give You Everything
the City Limits
Tossin' & Turnin'
Northwest Battle of the Bands vol. 1: Flash & Crash (V/A)
Iggy Pop & the Stooges
Raw Power
Raw Power
You're Gonna Miss Me
Live at the Rat
Ju Ju's
Do You Understand Me
Back from the Grave vol. 1 (CD V/A)
'68 Comeback
Slop Jar Blues
Mr. Downchild
the Standells
Why Pick On Me
Nuggets box  (V/A)
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Down in the Beast
Plastic Fang
the Velvet Underground
I'm Waiting for the Man
the Velvet Underground & Nico
Don & the Goodtimes
Northwest Battle of the Bands vol. 1: Flash & Crash (V/A)
Musica Transonic
Alkimiya Uptight
All Paths Lead Nowhere
Shake a Tail Feather
Friday at the Hideout
the Dirtbombs
Ode to a Black Man
Ultraglide in Black
the (International) Noise Conspiracy
I Wanna Know About U
Survival Sickness
Painted Ship
And She Said Yes
Back from the Grave vol. 8 (V/A)
Friday at the Hideout (V/A)
the Slaves
Slave Time
Nuggets II box (V/A)
the Hellacopters
RAFR vol. 2 (V/A)
the Barbarians
Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl
Nuggets box  (V/A)
the Nomads
Party Till I Die
RAFR vol. 2 (V/A)
Gas Huffer
Buck Naked
Janitors of Tomorrow
John's Children
the Midsummer's Night Scene
Nuggets II box  (V/A)
Man ...Or Astroman?
Drumulator Is Boss
Flaming Burnout (V/A)

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