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Rock'N'Roll Radio!

Playlist for 3/19/02

the Rezillos
Flying Saucer Attack
Can't Stand the Rezillos
John & Jackie
Little Girl
Las Vegas Grind Part 1 (CD V/A)
the Pretty Things
Nuggets II box  (V/A)
Radio Birdman
Non-Stop Girls
the Essential Radio Birdman
the Pagans
I Juvenile
Shit Street
the Delta 72
Floorboard Shake
the Soul of a New Machine
Street Fighting Man
Gimme Shelter vol. 1
the Pattern
the White Stripes
Jimmy the Exploder
the White Stripes
'68 Comeback
Boogie Woogie Country Girl
Mr. Downchild
the Stooges
SLC Punk Soundtrack
the Sonics
Maintaining My Cool
Northwest Battle of the Bands vol. 1: Flash & Crash (V/A) 
the Count Five
the World
Psychotic Reaction
Andre Williams
Montana Slim
the Black Godfather
the Raunch Hands
Fuck Me Stupid
Chuck Berry
You Can't Catch Me
His Best, Volume 1
the Litter
Action Woman
Pebbles vol. 1  (V/A)
Redd Kross
Purple Haze
Desperate Teenage Lovedolls Soundtrack
the Shadows of Knight
I Got My Mojo Working
Rocket 350
Purr Kitty, Purr
American Grease
the Imperials
The Slip
Stomp: Northwest Killers vol.1  (V/A)
Bob Taylor
After Hours
Las Vegas Grind Part 1 (CD V/A)
Jerry Lee Lewis
Johnny B. Goode
Best of...
the Satans
Makin' Deals
Pebbles vol. 2 (LP V/A)
White Flag
You Got Me
Desperate Teenage Lovedolls Soundtrack
Paul Revere and the Raiders
Steppin' Out
the Essential Ride
the Lushes
Drunken Guitar
Las Vegas Grind Part 1 (CD V/A)
Los Swans
Teenage Shutdown: Jump, Jive, & Harmonize (V/A) 
Zen Guerrilla
Black-Eyed Boogie
Trance States in Tongues
the Strangeloves
Night Time
Nuggets box  (V/A)
the Chrome Cranks
Darkroom (live)
Radio Oddyssey (V/A) 
Phil Lee & the Frantics
I Must Run
Pebbles vol. 2 (LP V/A)
the Plimsouls
Zero Hour
DIY: Shake It Up (V/A)
the Wheels
Bad Little Woman
Nuggets II box  (V/A)
the Shoes
Too Late
DIY: Shake It Up (V/A)
Panther Burns
Surfside Date
Their Sympathetic Majesties Request
the Amboy Dukes
Journey to the Center of the Mind
Nuggets box (V/A)
the Belairs
Volcanic Action
Volcanic Action

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