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Rock'N'Roll Radio!
 Playlist for 2/19/02

Delta 72
Are You Ready?
the Belairs
Peter Pistol
Volcanic Action
the Switch Trout
In the Kitchen
Psycho Action!
Dead Boys
I Won't Look Back (live)
All This & More
Chuck Berry
You Never Can Tell
Pulp Fiction Soundtrack
the Creation
Making Time
Nuggets II box  (V/A)
the Coyotemen
Who Rattled Your Cage?
Two Sides of the Coyotemen
Little Willie & the Adolescents
Get Out of my Life
Back from the Grave vol. 1 (CD V/A)
the Sonics
Roll Over Beethoven
Here Are the Sonics
the Dummies
I'm Gone
the Lively Ones
Surf Rider
Pulp Fiction Soundtrack
Open My Eyes
Nuggets box  (V/A)
the Gimmicks
Honeymoon's Over
the Counts
Trick Bag
Northwest Battle of the Bands vol. 1: Flash & Crash (V/A)
the Insomniacs
Get Something Going!
Joey Ramone
Like a Drug I Never Did Before
Don't Worry About Me
Hot Lava Monster
Fortunate Son
Zen Guerrilla
Ghetto City Version
Trance State In Tongues
Elvis Costello
Pump It Up
This Year's Model
the Greenhornes
Inside Looking Out
the Greenhornes
the Slip
Stomp! Northwest Killers vol. 1
the Downliners Sect
Why Don't You Smile Now
Nuggets II box  (V/A)
Hillbilly Hellcats
Big Orange Guitar/Father Tom
Rev It Up With Taz
Winston's Fumbs
Real Crazy Apartment
Nuggets II box  (V/A)
Lo Phat Ninjaz
Lo Phat Cracker
Lifer single
the Original Sins
Sally Kirkland EP
La Brea Stompers
Boss Hoss
Funzo's Knuckle Room
Soledad Brothers
Gimme Back My Wig
Soledad Brothers
the Fuzztones
Face of Time
RAFR vol. 3 (V/A)
the Fireballs of Freedom
We Do It Everyday
Estrus Double Dynomite Sampler vol. 3 (V/A)
the Chicken Hawks
Lime Ricky
RAFR vol. 3 (V/A)

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