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Jim Starks' CD Collection
  1084 CDs

the A-Bones  the Life of Riley (import)
the A-Bones  I Was a Teenage Mummy
the A-Bones  Crash the Party
the A-Bones   Music Minus Five
the A-Bones  Daddy Wants a Cold Beer...and Other Million Sellers (2 CDs)
Ace & the Ragers  ...Steal Your Girlfriend

the Agenda!   Start the Panic
Alice in Chains Dirt
Alice in Chains   Alice in Chains
Allman Brothers Band  A decade of hits '69-'79

American Hi-Fi   Rock'N'Roll Noodle Shop (import)
Ammonia  Mint 400

Andrew W. K.   I Get Wet
Andrew W. K.   She Is Beautiful EP (import)

Angry Samoans  31 Garbage-Pit Hits
the Apemen  7 Inches of Love
Atomic 7  Gowns by Edith Head

Backsliders, the  Throwin' Rocks at the Moon
Bad Religion The New America
Bantam Rooster  Deal Me In
the Barbarellatones  Invasion of the Surf Zombies!

Basement Jaxx  Rooty
BBQ  Tie Your Noose
Beatles, the Revolver

Beatles, the Abbey Road
Beatles, the Anthology 3 (2 CDs)
Beck Loser (single)
the Bell Rays  Fire on the Moon EP (import)
the Bell Rays  Raw Collection

Joe Bennett & the Sparkletones  Black Slacks
Chuck Berry   His Best, Volume 1
Betty Ford Experience, the  Retox

Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon  Will the Fetus Be Aborted?
Big Foot Chester   the Devil in Me
Big Star  #1 Record/Radio City

Black Crowes, the   The Southern Harmony and
Musical Companion
Paul Black & the Flip Kings  King Dollar
the Black Lips  the Black Lips
the Black Lips  We Did Not Know the Forest Spirit
Made the Flowers Grow
the Black Lips  Let It Bloom
Black Lipstick  the Four Kindgoms of...

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club   Screaming Gun EP
Blacktop   I Got a Baaad Feelin' About This
the Blasters   Testament (2CDs)
Bleed Motor Psycho
the Blind Boys of Alabama  Atom Bomb
Blink The End is High

Blue Dogs and Friends   Live at the Florence Little Theater
the Blue Van  the Art of Rolling
Bolt  Circadian Rhythm
the Bomboras  Swingin' Singles

Booker T. & the MGs   the Best Of...
Born Losers  Ensayo Numero Uno
Boss Martians, the  The Jetaway Sounds of...
Boss Martians  13 Evil Tales
Boss Martians  Making the Rounds
Boss Martians  the Set-Up
Bowie, David   Earthling

Bowie, David  Best of Bowie
Brian Jonestown Massacre  Bring It All Back Home -Again
Brian Jonestown Massacre  Strung Out in Heaven
the Brood  Vendetta
Brown, James 20  All Time Greatest Hits

Brown, James  Roots of a Revolution (2 CDs)
the Budos Band  the Budos Band
Burgess, Sonny  Arkansas Rock'N'Roll
R.L. Burnside   Burnside on Burnside
Bush   Sixteen Stone
the Buttshakers  the Buttshakers

Cake  Fashion Nugget
Cake Short Skirt/Long Jacket (single)

Cake Comfort Eagle
Cake Arco Arena (vocal version single)
Candlebox Candlebox
Candy Butchers  Play With Your Head
Capt. Beefheart & his Magic Band  Safe as Milk

Johnny Carroll  Rock Baby, Rock It
Dean Carter  Call of the Wild!
Johnny Cash  Songs of the Soil
Johnny Cash  Personal Jesus (single)
Johnny Cash  American IV: the Man Comes Around
Cash Audio  Green Bullet

Cash Audio   Orange Sessions
Cash Money Halos of Smoke and Fire

Catherine Wheel  Happy Days
Catherine Wheel  Adam & Eve
Catherine Wheel   Wishville
Cato Salsa Experience   A Good Tip for a Good Time
Cave Catt Sammy  Whiskey and the Devil
the Cells  We Can Replace You
the Champs  the Challenge Album Collection (2 CDs)
Cheap Trick   Sampler
Chemical Brothers, the   Setting Sun (single)

Chemical Brothers, the   Loops of Fury (EP)
Chemical Brothers, the   Dig Your Own Hole
Chemical Brothers, the  Surrender
Chemlab East Side Militia
the Chesterfield Kings  Stop
the Chesterfield Kings   Where the Action Is!

the Church Keys  Work With It!!!
Clark, David Myth America

Larry B. Clark & the Lo Phat Ninjaz   Lophatitude
Tom Clark & the High Action Boys   Cross-Eyed & Bow-Legged
W.C. Clark   Texas Soul
Clash, the   London Calling
Clash, the Rockers Galore

Clash, the  Essential (2 CDs)
Clem Snide Your Favorite Music

Eddie Cochran  Somethin' Else: the Fine Lookin' Hits of...
Coldplay Parachutes

the Coldspot 8  It's the Feelgood...
Stud Cole  Burn Baby Burn
Coltrane, John  Giant Steps

Coltrane, John  Lush Life
the Come Ons  the Come Ons
the Come Ons Hip Check
Chris Con Carne  Con Carnage
the Condors  Tales of Drunkenness & Cruelty
the Condors  Don't Want a Girl Who's Been With Jack (single)
Confederate Fagg  Demo 2002
Convoy Black Licorice

Sam Cooke  Live at the Harlem Square Club, 1963
the Coral  Dreaming of You EP

Elvis Costello  My Aim Is True
Elvis Costello   When I Was Cruel
the Count Five  Psychotic Revelations
the Countdown Quartet   Party With!
the Cramps  Songs the Lord Taught Us
the Cramps  Off the Bone
the Cramps  Psychedelic Jungle/Gravest Hits
the Cramps  Flamejob
the Cramps  Fiends of Dope Island
the Cramps  How to Make a Monster (2 CDs)
the Crank-Tones  Vibrate with...
the Creatures of the Golden Dawn  the Keys to the Kingdom
the Creatures of the Golden Dawn  Blood from a Stone EP
the Creatures of the Golden Dawn  2003 Demo
the Creatures of the Golden Dawn  2004 Demo
the Creatures of the Golden Dawn  Incident at Owl Creek Bridge
Creedence Clearwater Revival  Chronicle

Crystal Method, the   Vegas
Cure, the Show
Cure, the Galore
Mac Curtis  Rockabilly Uprising
the Cynics   Living is the Best Revenge

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